'Chronicle' First Look: There's Something Behind You

As a former one, I can personally tell you that the worst kind of person to give super powers to is a high school boy. No matter how noble they may seem, things are always going to get ugly. In "Chronicle," three high school buddies are lucky enough to earn special abilities after they make a mysterious discovery. And not that you need to be told, raging hormones and super powers don't mix well.


You might recognize the guy in the middle of this first look at a new "Chronicle" photo as Michael B. Jordan, from "The Wire" and the last two seasons of "Friday Night Lights." He plays one of the gifted teens, so you might as well imagine that Vince Howard went on to score some sweet super powers after "FNL" ended. Dane DeHaan and Alex Russell make up the rest of the trio.

The story of "Chronicle" plays out as a found footage tape. (Think "Paranormal Activity" meets "X-Men: First Class," but with less Fassbender.) Soon after getting their powers, things take a dark turn and the boys begin to lose control, pulling more and more dangerous pranks.

"Chronicle" hits theaters on February 3. Watch the trailer below:

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