'Devil Inside' Exclusive Motion Image Is Eye Opening

Consider this a fair warning. When you see the image below move, that isn't you losing your mind or the devil taking over your computer screen.

This is an exclusive motion image from the upcoming horror film "The Devil Inside," the latest entry into the found footage subgenre.

This footage takes a look at the wacky world of exorcism and follows a young woman's journey to Rome to find her mother, who has been kept in a Catholic psychiatric hospital ever since she killed three people during an exorcism. "The Devil Inside" tries to find a balance between religion and science in the way exorcisms battle possession.

In the motion image, we see that balance front and center with Evan Helmuth, who plays a priest in the film that uses the strengths of both to expel the devil from his unlucky victims.

"The Devil Inside" hits theaters on January 6, 2012.

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