'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Records, New Photos Arrive


We knew the first theatrical trailer for Christopher Nolan's Batman finale would be a huge hit, but not 12.5 million huge! In the week after the trailer's massive debut, anticipation is still high for "The Dark Knight Rises." New high quality stills and renewed interest in an unused clip from "The Dark Knight" only added fuel to the rising fire. Here are the week's biggest Batman's stories so far.

"Dark Knight Rises" Trailer Tops "Avengers"

In the 24 hours that followed the much anticipated release of the first full-length "Dark Knight Rises" trailer, over 12.5 million people watched it either on the iTunes Movie Trailer site or through the iTunes Trailers iOS apps. The release from Warner Bros. made sure to mention that the Batman's preview debuted to stronger numbers than "The Avengers" trailer, beating it by more than two million views.

New "Dark Knight Rises" Stills Arrive in High Quality

We'd seen the snapshots already when Empire featured them in their big "Rises" issue, but now we get to enjoy them at a much clearer, hi-res quality. Details that didn't make it through in the scans, like the specifics of Bane's costume and skin problem, stand out in the new versions. We're also treated to an epic shot of the man behind it all, Christopher Nolan, repping the format he loves so much, IMAX.

Joker Rides the Bus in Unused "Dark Knight" Footage

The alternate take of the Joker from inside the school bus as it drives away from the exploding hospital has been around for years. But this week Kevin Smith tweeted it to his legions of fans, and the clip made the rounds once more. It makes you wonder what other unused footage is out there of the performance people can't seem to get enough of.

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