New 'Hobbit' Production Diary Takes You To Hobbiton

The first thing you notice during this new production diary for "The Hobbit"? The dwarves.

The dwarves are kayaking through the river in a big raft. They're on location, riding horses and brandishing swords and running against green screens. There's a lot to see; twelve minutes of it, to be exact, taking you through the trailers and the production studios and the computer labs where all of the work gets done.

Check out the "Hobbit" trailer!

There's honestly too much to summarize, so you'll have to check it out for yourself. That said, the Shire shows up, as do Elijah Wood (reprising Frodo) and Ian McKellan (reprising Gandalf). Hobbiton's been recreated for the new film, and Wood gives his thoughts on returning to the Tolkien-verse after 11 years away. Andy Serkis (Gollum) also shows up -- as a 2nd Unit Director, if you didn't know about his expanded role.

December 2012 is a long while away, but rather than withholding detail (ahem, Christopher Nolan), this is a pretty intimate look at the film's production. That isn't very surprising considering Peter Jackson's openness on his previous Tolkien-related films. "The Lord of the Rings" gifted us with hours of behind-the-scenes detail, and "The Hobbit" is no less thoughtfully rendered. New Zealand is so green! Hobbiton is so pleasant-looking! Who wouldn't want to live there, forever and ever? Rich filmgoers can visit New Zealand and tour the set, but for the rest of us, we'll have to wait until next Christmas.

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