Ben Affleck Looks Shaggy In 'Argo' Still

Ben Affleck's a man of action now, isn't he? A few years ago, his career relegated him to romcom barf fests like "Gigli" and "Surviving Christmas." Not anymore -- he's built up plenty of critical momentum and box office success through gritty dramas like "Gone Baby Gone" and "The Town," enough to allow him to take on more heady roles, like next year's "Argo."


That's the one where he's a CIA operative posing as a member of a film crew in order to rescue diplomats who've been taken hostage, all in 1979 Tehran. The movie they're pretending to work on? Naturally, it's a sci-fi film called "Argo." This first photo shows him looking a little shaggy, a little determined; definitely not the clean-cut wise guy he earned his early career heartthrob status through. He's looking very deliberately at some documents, but we've got no idea what they might be. Maybe it's a Denny's menu. Maybe there's a comic book behind it. (Probably not.)

"Argo" also features other actors who've seen career revivals in recent years, lifers like Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, John Goodman, and Kyle Chandler. With that much pure acting power, it seems like "Argo" will be well worth paying attention to when it comes out next year. Affleck also directs the film, and if you remember his strong eye for layout and action in "Gone Baby Gone" and "The Town," you'll recognize it as a solid choice.

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