'W.E' Composer Talks Golden Globes, Making Music With Madonna

In talking about mainstream award shows and the predictability of their annual nominees lists, the Golden Globes are often the hardest to predict in that their nominees always include a few unexpected surprises. This year, no one was perhaps more pleasantly surprised at hearing the 2012 nominations than composer Abel Korzeniowski, who scored a Best Original Score nomination for his work on "W./E.," the Madonna-directed romantic drama that has yet to be released wide in theaters.

"It’s quite difficult when a movie is not really in theaters," Korzeniowski told MTV News recently of his disbelief in being nominated. "So far we’ve had only the qualifying run which was one theater in Los Angeles so almost no one had seen the film. It was even more surprising because we have no ads anywhere, not on the Internet, not in newspapers so I thought it wouldn’t be possible."

In short: "It's a big surprise."

The Polish composer, whose most recent work was the score for "A Single Man," went on to say that becoming involved with "W./E." in the first place was an even bigger surprise.

"One day I got a call that Madonna wanted to contact me and I just couldn’t believe it. 'What do you mean Madonna? The Madonna?' She wanted to send me a script and I got it and in the script itself there were already references to my music," he recalled. "This was really flattering. Most of the time after our initial meetings we had to work on the phone, which is not ideal situation but at least when we spoke on the phone she was able to sing a little to me which was really thrilling, if you think about it. Madonna is singing my music on the phone and hearing this and she doesn’t need auto tune, it was just great."

Korzeniowski explained that this particular scoring experience, for which he employed a 60-piece orchestra and various piano, violin, cello and viola solos, as well as the appropriately anachronistic inclusion of a Sex Pistols song, was unique in that Madonna flew out to Los Angeles to work with him at his studio and he composed music on the spot.

"This was a really great adventure because basically I had to compose having her behind my back. It was a very stressful situation because it’s unusual. A lot of time it’s not such an immediate process, but at the same time it was really thrilling and it worked well. The most surprising thing about working with Madonna? Well, the tempo of work. The four months we worked together felt like the final stage of any other movie, the stage where everything speeds up and you have to work to your fullest ability. I loved it, she’s such a perfectionist and she cares about every little detail, how it affects the story and I think this was the biggest thrill and challenge."

Does Korzeniowski's Globe nomination have you curious to see "W./E." when it hits theaters February 3, 2012? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!

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