Top Five Favorite Christmas Movie Toys

A Christmas StorySo many classic Christmas movies have toys that everyone wants. That toy might not even be real, but that didn't stop us from dreaming that somehow Santa would bring us the gift that didn't actually exist. So as we open our presents on this Christmas morning, we've made a list of some of our favorite Christmas movie toys.

Turbo Man

The toy every young boy wanted gave Arnold Schwarzenegger one of the worst last-minute holiday shopping experiences of all time in "Jingle All the Way," but it was totally worth it. Turbo Man has everything that a great action figure should have, but most importantly, he has a jet pack. Being the good dad Arnie was (in this movie, at least), Arnold faced off with Sinbad and pulled out all the stops in order to bring the awesome action figure home.

Talk Boy

Not only does this Christmas toy make it easy to record every word you hear around you, it also has speed control, which can come in handy. If you do like Kevin McCallister in "Home Alone 2" did, you can use your Talk Boy to score a room at the Plaza with one of those little refrigerators you have to open with a key. Credit card? You got it.

The Nut Cracker

The original Christmas gift. He may not seem like anything special. All he may do during the day is crack open some nuts, but just wait until you go to sleep. You'll be happy you have this guy on your side when the multiple-headed rat king shows up at your house. That's when the nut cracker comes in most handy. Keep that in mind.

Rugby Tiger

Back in 1986, when Jim Henson produced the one-hour special, "The Christmas Toy," Rugby Tiger was the present to get. This plush tiger found himself in a pickle the year after he found his owner, Jamie. He was afraid he would lose the love and attention of his owner, so he devised a plan to be the prize of Christmas again. Crafty and cuddly, a good combination.

Red Ryder BB Gun

It needs to be said. You'll probably shoot your eye out if you get this toy for Christmas. All Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" wanted was a BB gun, but his mother had her concerns about his eyes. In the end, Ralphie got his gun, but not without learning a lesson. He didn't shot his eye out, but he made kids around the world be a little more careful with their peepers.