Vin Diesel Confirms Back-To-Back 'Fast Six' And 'Fast Seven'

Fast Five

Plenty of movies are split into two in order to give the story more room to breathe. "The Hobbit." "Twilight: Breaking Dawn." "Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows." Why can't the "Fast and Furious" franchise join all the fun?

Vin Diesel, star of the franchise and one of its producers, announced that upon planning the sixth "Fast and Furious" film, the team realized that they would prefer a seventh movie to wrap up every storyline.

"With the success of this last one, and the inclusion of so many characters, and the broadening of scope, when we were sitting down to figure out what would fit into the real estate of number six, we didn’t have enough space," he told The Hollywood Reporter. The sixth and seventh movies will be written simultaneously, though he gave no details on a possible production schedule.

"Fast Five," if you remember, was more of a resurgence than a sequel for the long-running series. Dwayne Johnson provided reliable action and catchphases, while the return of Eva Mendes and Michelle Rodriguez was teased in the final scene. It also made gobs and gobs of cash, certainly a powerful motivator for studio executives looking to pass the green light.

"We have to pay off this story, we have to service all of these character relationships, and when we started mapping all that out it just went beyond 110 pages," Diesel told THR. "The studio said, 'You can’t fit all that story in one damn movie!'"

You know what's coming with a sixth and seventh movie, right? Oscar gold. All of the blown up cars and carbon emissions will be so worth it if Diesel takes home Best Actor.

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