'Prometheus' Trailer Almost Unbound, Teased For Now


It's been a very long time since Ridley Scott directed a science fiction film -- so long, in fact, that he'll barely tell us what his newest one is about. Half a year away from the release of "Prometheus," we've only been told a handful of details regarding the film: it takes place in space, it's kinda-maybe an "Alien" prequel, and the cast -- including Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron and Idris Elba -- is loaded.

All that changes on Thursday, when the first "Prometheus" trailer will be released. For now, we can make due with a trailer teaser, courtesy of iTunes.

The very brief teaser opens with a few loose shots of the set, while a wailing guitar introduces Scott's presence. There's the mysterious head we've seen in the poster, an equally mysterious hole in the ground, space marines flying through the air, and some kind of creepy crawly attached to someone's mask (we hope it's not one of these suckers).

The trailer before the trailer is a weird concept; it'd be undoubtedly more powerful if the full thing just dropped by itself, without explanation. There's enough hype around "Prometheus" to warrant the surprise, given Scott's pedigree and the haze of obscurity already surrounding the film. But hey, any glimpse is enough -- especially one that shows us Sir Ridley's predilection for North Face jackets (or maybe it just gets really chilly on set).

"Prometheus" comes out next June, and again, look for the official trailer on Thursday.

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