'Mission Impossible': Five J.J. Abrams Regulars We Want Recruited Next

Josh Holloway

Producer J.J. Abrams has established a great tradition within the "Mission: Impossible" franchise: in the last two "M:I" installments, Abrams has called in fan-favorite actors from his television past for brief but awesome roles. First Keri Russell popped into "Mission: Impossible III" in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it death scene, and today's newest movie — "Ghost Protocol" — introduces "Lost" veteran Josh Holloway to the franchise. Exactly what purpose the former James "Sawyer" Ford plays in the new "Mission" remains to be seen, but no matter how big or small his role, we're psyched to have him on board.

With Holloway following Russell's lead, we started wondering which other Abrams vets we'd like to see in future "Mission: Impossible" movies. Our wish list is past the jump!

» David Anders: If there's a cooler Abrams villain than Julian Sark, I haven't met him—and I've seen a lot of Abrams television! Anders' infinitely badass "Alias" assassin would actually be a perfect fit in the "Mission: Impossible" universe completely on his own—assuming he leaves any and all Rambaldi baggage at the door, of course.

» Kyle Chandler: His J.J. connection comes through "Super 8," so technically, he's not an Abrams TV vet. But with "Friday Night Lights" in the rearview mirror, we'll take Coach Taylor any way we can get him. We're hoping to see the actor on a future "Mission," perhaps as a new IMF director to coach some sense into Ethan Hunt.

» Amy Jo Johnson: "Felicity" fans remember her best as insecure sweetheart Julie Emrick, but children of the '90s know better: AJJ will forever and always be Kimberly Hart, the original Pink Ranger. We'd love to see Amy bring some mighty morphin' "Mission" mayhem, but only if the Putties come too!

» Lance Reddick: The "Lost" alum and current "Fringe" star is a natural fit for a "Mission" movie; just like Chandler, he would be a great IMF foil for Ethan Hunt, especially considering the numerous law-enforcement characters he's played over the years. But Reddick also proved his capacity for creepiness as the enigmatic Matthew Abadon on "Lost," making him a great candidate for an "Impossible" villain.

» Ron Rifkin: Is he good? Is he evil? It took a while for us to get a concrete answer, as the deliciously devious Arvin Sloane kept us guessing on his allegiance right up until the "Alias" series finale. Rifkin, an incredibly gifted actor, would bring a similar level of ambiguity as a new "Mission: Impossible" antagonist. Like Sark, Rifkin's Sloane would be more than welcome in the "Impossible" universe. And fine, sure, he can bring Rambaldi into it if he really wants to.

Which J.J. Abrams veteran would you like to see in future "Mission: Impossible" movies? Tell us in the comments section and on Twitter!