‘The Muppets’ Meet MTV’s #7 Movie Of 2011

The Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning, and for all the talk of outrageous snubs “Bridesmaids” scene-stealer Melissa McCarthy gets no love? David Fincher is denied for his work on “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”? — there’s one omission that’s not getting much attention: “The Muppets” was completely shut out.

“My Week with Marilyn” gets a Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical nod, but not Kermit and his felt-covered pals? The Hollywood Foreign Press Association can’t find a single slot in Best Original Song for any of Jason Segel’s infectious tunes? I think the HFPA needs to look itself in the mirror and ask, “Am I a muppet or a man?”

At least MTV has decided to honor “The Muppets,” which lands in the #7 spot on our best movies of 2011 list, joining “50/50” (#8), “The Descendants” (#9) and “Attack the Block” (#10). The full list — including MTV’s pick for the best movie of the year — will be announced during a live stream at 4:30 p.m. ET on Friday (December 16).

Let’s dwell for a minute on what exactly makes “Muppets” so darn special. For me, it begins and ends with fun: watching “Muppets” was the most pure fun I had at the movies all year. Add to that some great original songs and Segel’s ability to rescue these characters from the pop-culture dustbin and give them new life, and I’m sold. A lot of people have said the film is a nostalgia trip — and they’ve meant that as a compliment. But I also think the movie stands on its own; it feels fresh and new, and even if you’d somehow never heard of the Muppets, you could still have a blast. Certainly, though, being a lifelong fan helps.

“I must say, there is something intrinsic of anyone who grew up with the Muppets, they have a wild love for the Muppets that comes out as soon as they come to set,” Segel told us in the fall. “Almost everybody legitimately freaked out.”

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