'American Horror Story' Scares Up Golden Globe Nominations

American Horror Story

It's always great to see genre titles make it to the awards shows, which is why we're excited that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's "American Horror Story" has been nominated for a Golden Globe in the Drama Series category. The Harmon family and their supernatural roommates are up against several other newcomers including the much-loved "Game of Thrones." Congrats also go out to the sharp-tongued Jessica Lange's Constance Langdon, who is nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category.

Does the horror series stand a chance this season? Ponder that, and read up on the rest of this week's horror news past the break.

New "[REC] 3: Genesis" Trailer Hits

The nightmares continue with a new trailer for "[REC] 3: Genesis" — the third installment in the terrifying found footage series. [REC] and [REC] 2 co-director Paco Plaza tells the story that takes place just a few hours before the first film's carnage begins — at a wedding, even. Stars Leticia Dolera and Diego Martin see their special day turn into an utter bloodbath (love it!). Wedding bells ring in Spanish theaters on March 30, which hopefully means we'll be seeing a release date in the U.S. sometime soon.

'Saw' Writers 'Rise' At Warner Bros.

Deadline hasn't shared much about a new action/sci-fi pitch circulating at Warner Brothers, but we noticed two familiar names from the genre world. "Saw" writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have teamed up with "The Ring" producer and a fledgling screenwriter for a project they're calling "Rise." The horror duo recently worked on the "Piranha 3DD" screenplay and there's some ambiguous info floating around on IMDb about a "Collector" sequel, so we're curious to see how this one pans out for the team.

'Paradise' Hopefully Found Soon For Legendary Pictures

Alex Proyas' good vs. evil action epic, "Paradise Lost" — based on the classic John Milton poem — has hit a budgetary roadblock. Legendary Pictures exceeded their $120 million mark, which means it's back to the drawing board to make some cuts. Hopefully that doesn't mean any changes for the cast that includes Bradley Cooper, Casey Affleck, and Dominic Purcell. We'll stand by patiently for now to see where things go, because we really want to know what Bradley Cooper looks like as Lucifer.

Stop Motion Animated Hellfire Coming Soon

There's a new stop motion animation feature that sends someone to hell to burn for all eternity. Two best friends try to rescue their buddy, but all those pesky demons try to stop them — because the dark ones can be pretty greedy when it comes to meeting their monthly quota. Nick Swardson ("Reno 911") and TJ Miller ("Cloverfield," "Get Him to the Greek") will be appearing in the R-rated animation that starts shooting in January. Will you brave the hellfire and brimstone to check it out?

Universal Conjures 'Daughter of Smoke and Bone'

Universal just scooped up the rights to Laini Taylor's young adult novel, "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" — a newly published story that Paramount tried to snag several weeks ago. A 17-year-old art student is sent across the world to collect teeth by her father. She's not sure why (guess this family doesn't talk much … ), but an encounter with an angel reveals all that her family has been hiding. Otherworldly adventures ensue. Have you read the book yet, and do you see this one making an interesting translation to the big screen?

Watch the Unnerving New Trailer for IFC's 'Kill List'

If you haven't been paying attention, IFC's "Kill List" arrives on VOD on January 4 and a creepy new trailer has arrived for Ben Wheatley's movie. The film finds an ex-soldier as a contract killer who is grappling with the devastating aftermath following a botched job in Kiev. He presses on with a strange, new assignment, but soon realizes that his whole world is beginning to unravel.

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