Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Other Golden Globes Nominations We're Psyched About

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Now that we're in the aftermath of the Golden Globe nominations and people everywhere are focusing on the snubs and robberies, it's an important time to reflect on the choices we are absolutely in love with.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association did manage to acknowledge some of this year's best work despite the annual longlist of snubs, so here are the picks we want to applaud from this year's field of contenders.

Fixing the SAG Mistakes

Probably the biggest good the HFPA did this year was correcting the oversights committed on the part of the Screen Actors Guild. The actors union snubbed some of the year's best performances including Michael Fassbender for "Shame," Albert Brooks for "Drive," and Shailene Woodley for "The Descendants." These specific omissions were by far the most glaring for the SAGs and the HFPA did the right thing and boosted their chances for Oscar nominations.

Two for the Gos

Simply put, the man had an incredible year. Ryan Gosling not only starred in three of the best films of the year, but handed in consistently stellar performances. I'll ignore that the Lead Actor - Drama nomination came for "The Ides of March" instead of for "Drive," but his nod for "Crazy, Stupid, Love" was both unexpected and entirely deserved.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt for '50/50'

Not an entirely surprising nomination, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt deserved it for his work in "50/50." He has established himself in recent years as one of the best young actors in Hollywood, so anytime JGL gets awards recognition, it's proof that the HFPA is paying attention to the right actors.

Brendan Gleeson for 'The Guard'

He's been quietly stealing scenes for years, so it's nice to see Brendan Gleeson get recognition for the under-seen "The Guard." Gleeson plays a larger than life local police officer that could have earned him more serious awards consideration if the movie had been pushed harder. Thankfully, the HFPA sought it out and rightfully recognized Gleeson for his hilariously dark performance.

Retroactively Nominating the Cast of 'The Wire'

Both Idris Elba and Dominic West walked away with nominations for their work on television, and frankly, it feels like justice. When the show that many people consider one of the best drama series ever, "The Wire," originally aired, it didn't score a singal nomination from the HFPA association. Now, at last, it looks like Stringer Bell and Jimmy McNulty are getting their due.

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