'Dictator' Trailer: Sacha Baron Cohen Takes On Obama, Kardashians And More

It's been a little while since we've heard from Sacha Baron Cohen on the solo comedy front. Back in 2006, every annoying person you know dressed up as Borat for Halloween, but increasing familiarity with his mockumentary tactics made it more and more difficult for Cohen to film without being noticed.

Cue "The Dictator," a classically Cohen character who isn't making his debut mockumentary style. The trailer for the film, which just arrived via Moviefone, reveals a very conventionally shot take on a very goofy character -- half the typical formula, updated for modern times.

It opens with newsreel footage of President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking about a terrible tyrant who's controlled his country for over four decades. That could be a serious documentary about Gaddafi or Saddam or someone else, right? It then cuts to Cohen as the eponymous dictator for a montage of ostentatious goofiness, with the bearded leader crowing upon reaching NYC, "Ah, America, the birthplace of AIDS!" So yes, not very serious!

In the background, you'll notice stars like John C. Reilly and Ben Kingsley (that guy can and will act in anything). There's also a cameo by Megan Fox, apparently playing herself, whom the dictator pays a lot of money to sleep with, and a cheap, pointed dig at the Kardashians. That'll put it on par with the other low brow Cohen classics, though we're not sure anything could eclipse the abundance of genitalia that blared on screen in "Bruno." We're still washing our eyes out from that one.

"The Dictator" will drop in May 2012, and we'll surely see a lot more over-the-top clips before then.

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