'Rock Of Ages' Trailer: Tom Cruise Kills It, Says Adam Shankman

Rock of Ages

Get a load of that "Rock Of Ages" trailer, will ya. Holy power ballads, big hair, leather pants and bad decisions. There's Julianne Hough being Julianne Hough, Russell Brand being Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin being Alec Baldwin in that he's scene-stealing up a storm, Catherine Zeta Jones likely killing it as a very uptight mom/PTA president type and Tom Cruise. A long-haired, shirtless, sort-of singing Tom Cruise.

MTV News was lucky enough to snag a few moments of director Adam Shankman's time to chat about the trailer, what he plans to tease out over the next six months and why Cruise was a kid in a candy store on set.

"The biggest question mark in [putting the teaser trailer together] was Tom and how we presented Tom, and show the world without getting too detailed about all the storylines, because that would be a three and a half minute trailer. He's got a big part in the movie but we wanted to build the excitement of seeing him," Shankman explained about why we only see brief glimpses of Cruise as rocker Stacee Jaxx. "I would imagine we'll get little glimpses of him singing, but in the [first] teaser we didn't want to do that. It's exciting, it's the big mystery."

Shankman also revealed that Cruise definitely had the most fun with his character.

"I've never met anybody on any movie I've ever worked on, including as choreographer, so we're into 70 some odd movies now, that had more fun than Tom. I think Tom was just like a kid in a candy store because no one had ever asked him to do anything like this before and what Tom Cruise loves to do are challenges and obstacles, he loves learning new things, he loves to work," Shankman said. "He showed up early every day, he was so present, it was amazing."

He also guarantees the audience a good time, come June 2012.

"This movie is just a giant party," Shankman promised. "It's a bring-your-friends giant party."

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