'Dark Knight Rises,' More: Best Set-Stalking Of 2011

Plenty of great movies came our way in 2011, and even more awesome ones are on the horizon for 2012. But even though some of these films feel far away, we've gotten plenty of advanced looks at some of the upcoming year's hottest projects through trailers, posters and even the considerably more shady set-stalking.

From leaked set photos to leaked set videos, here are five of the movies most worthy of set-stalking in 2011. Vote for which one was your favorite beyond the break!

"Dark Shadows"

Our great hopes for Tim Burton's big-screen resurrection of the gothic soap became nightmarishly scarred by that first unofficial leak of Johnny Depp as Barnabus Collins on the "Dark Shadows" set. It caused quite a stir here at MTV Movies, but thankfully, everything else we've seen (and heard) since has put all of our fears to rest. Our excitement for "Dark Shadows" is at an all-time high, and it'll get even higher when we finally see a trailer.

"Man of Steel"

Really, who can argue against a bare-chested, bearded Superman? It's not the Man of Steel we're used to, no, but Henry Cavill's take on the DC Comics icon exudes manliness. Based on set photos and videos we've seen this year, "Man of Steel" looks like the precise action-packed remedy we need after the lackluster "Superman Returns."

"Marvel's The Avengers"

It feels like it took a long time for that "Avengers" trailer to finally drop, but the wait was smoothed over by the swift release of photos from the Marvel movie's Cleveland and New York City sets. Because of those leaks, we're more convinced than ever that Earth's Mightiest Heroes are indeed slugging it out with Skrulls come May 2012 — a prospect that we couldn't be more excited for.

"The Amazing Spider-Man"

Spider-Man has awesome sneakers. How do we know this? From "Amazing Spider-Man" set photos, of course, which also showed us what looks to be a pretty serious spoiler about Papa Stacey and a bizarrely dressed figure who may or may not be Rhys Ifans as the Lizard.

"The Dark Knight Rises"

Do you feel like you know everything that's going to happen in "The Dark Knight Rises" already? If so, it's because you've probably seen so much from set photos and videos featuring Batwings, Bane fights, Catwoman rides and more. More so than any other film this year, "DKR" experienced a surprising amount of set leaks—but that doesn't make us any less excited for the finished product.

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