'Men In Black 3' Trailer Hits, 'Drive' Sequel Speeds Ahead

Men in Black

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back on the extraterrestrial beat today with a brand new "Men in Black 3" trailer that comes equipped with Josh Brolin's note-perfect TLJ impersonation. Keep reading for all those details, as well as first word on a sequel to the novel that Ryan Gosling's "Drive" was based on, and much more in today's Dailies!

'Men In Black' Trailer Premieres

After ten years, the Men In Black are back with a trailer that looks decidedly like the two previous movies. The preview mostly sets up the story’s main arc, and ends with a twist that everyone already knows about. Check it out for the return of Will Smith after a three year absence from the movies and for an example of perfect casting.

'Drive' Sequel Novel Coming In April

The book that spawned the brilliant summer surprise is getting a sequel. James Sallis, the author of the original “Drive” novel has announced that its follow up, “Driven,” will hit shelves in April of next year. If you haven’t read the first book, it’s definitely worth a look. It will take you two days tops, and should stave off your craving for head stomping until the Blu-ray comes out in January.

George Clooney Sets His Sights on Smothers Brothers Movie

George Clooney and his production company, Smokehouse, have snapped up the rights to a book chronicling the careers of the Smothers Brothers. Tom and Dicky Smothers were television comedians in the late 1960s and became icons of the counter-culture movement during their short run on TV. Smokehouse will produce the movie with Sony Pictures. There is no word yet on whether Clooney will either direct or star in the film.

Leonardo DiCaprio Project Tops Annual Black List

Every year, Hollywood insiders vote on the best unproduced screenplays floating around Tinsel Town. This year a proposed Leonardo DiCaprio project took the top slot in a landslide victory. “The Imitation Game” is the story of Alan Turring, one of the mathematicians responsible for breaking Nazi code in World War II, but who was later persecuted for being a homosexual. When Warner Bros. bought the script back in October, DiCaprio was rumored as the front-runner for the role of Turring. Other scripts mentioned on the list include “Chewie,” a retelling of the making of “Star Wars” from the perspective of Peter Mayhew and Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained.”

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