'Transformers' Stars Reunite, Tease Jason Statham?


There may or may not be more "Transformers" movies in Michael Bay's future, but for now, the stars who previously battled the robots in disguise are still getting along. "Transformers" actors Tyrese Gibson and Ken Jeong reunited over the weekend, and perhaps there's more than meets the eye to their mention of "JS" -- Jason Statham, perhaps? Your guess is as good as ours!

Meanwhile, "Harry Potter" and "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" bad boy Tom Felton conquered Table Mountain over the weekend, Rainn Wilson made a shocking confession about his bathroom behavior and Christopher Mintz-Plasse may have stumbled upon his own secret Spider-Man origin.

I'm @roundhoward, and here's your Twitter-Wood for December 12, 2012.

@TomFelton Climbed table mountain today, it twas quite a journey up. Beautiful at the top!x

-Tom Felton, actor ("Harry Potter," "Rise of the Planet of the Apes")

"Transformers" Reunion Part 1: @Tyrese @kenjeong Good seeing you last night bro.. 1.1 Billion again welcome to the #TF3family you are funny as s---!!!!!!!! JS is up next!!

-Tyrese Gibson, actor ("Transformers: Dark of the Moon," "Fast Five")

"Transformers" Reunion Part 2: @KenJeong @Tyrese GREAT seeing you last night as well!! #TF3 family rules!!! JS baby!!!

-Ken Jeong, actor ("The Hangover Part II," "Transformers: Dark of the Moon")

@MintzPlasse Just got bit by a spider. Time to go hit the gym and show this f---er who is the real man!(in about 3 months, so I can build up some muscle)

-Christopher Mintz-Plasse, actor ("Superbad," "Kick-Ass")

@DamonLindelof If I told you this link led to incest, would you click it?http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/ ...

-Damon Lindelof, writer ("Lost," "Prometheus")

@rainnwilson I'm the guy who spits his gum in the urinal.

-Rainn Wilson, actor ("Super," "The Office")

"Hot Fuzz 2" Part 1: @simonpegg Hola Madrid! Seems to be some conjecture about there being a Hot Fuzz 2 in prod. I can confirm this untrue.

-Simon Pegg, actor ("Mission Impossible," "Star Trek")

"Hot Fuzz 2" Part 2: @simonpegg Also, I don't want to make Hot Fuzz 2 and neither does Edgar. Time for some new blood methinks.

-Simon Pegg, actor ("Mission Impossible," "Star Trek")

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