Sherlock Holmes Takes The Crazy Train In Exclusive 'Shadows' Clip

We'd say Sherlock Holmes has gotten himself into a rather surprising situation in MTV News' exclusive "Game of Shadows" clip, but then we'd be kidding ourselves: knowing what we do of Robert Downey Jr.'s brillz detective, there's nothing all that shocking about seeing Holmes, in drag yet shirtless, crawling along the outside of a speeding, occasionally exploding train as his pal, John Watson, complains that this is no way to spend a honeymoon.

And that's the big takeaway not only from this new footage, but from the sequel itself (which we managed to catch last week): director Guy Ritchie has taken everything that worked in the 2009 original and delivered way more of it.

"I'm too close to be objective about this now, but originally when we were constructing this conceptually, we just wanted to make it bigger," Ritchie told us of his approach to the new film. "We wanted to make it bigger and better, and I'm not sure if you can be more eloquent than that."

This time around, Holmes and Watson (Jude Law) find themselves attempting to connect the dots in an explosive global conspiracy masterminded by Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris). Their quest takes them from the cobblestone streets of London to the gypsy camps of France to the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland. Plots twist, fists bloody faces and witty dialogue is exchanged. And yes, at one point Holmes dons a dress, slathers on some lipstick and boards a train on which an unsuspecting Watson is trying to enjoy his honeymoon.

To find out what happens from there, you'll have to check out "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" when it hits theaters on December 16.