New 'Battleship' Trailer: 'Transformers' At Sea?


There is something serious going on in the new "Battleship" trailer: explosions. Also, Rihanna (we think).

In the trailer, which debuted over at Apple today, there's lots of robots that turn into other things (we can't legally say they "transform," can we?), and tons of super slow-mo shots of beautiful people looking really, really confused and upset.

Fans of "Friday Night Lights" will be stoked to see Tim Riggins (aka "John Carter" leading man Taylor Kitsch) getting his game on, but sadly, no one says "You sunk my battleship!" -- that might defang the movie of its seriousness. Perhaps that's just a sacrifice we'll have to learn to accept, childhood memories be damned... or maybe Liam Neeson will surprise us all with the zinger of the summer.

The board game-turned-movie is kind of a strange pick for an end-of-the-world plot featuring CGI aliens, but hey, such is Hollywood. Peter Berg ("Hancock") has picked weirder concepts to work with ("Hancock," for one), so maybe the whole thing will pull off without a hitch. There always needs to be at least one blockbuster to kick off the summer season of big guns going boom and dudes hitting each other, and perhaps "Battleship" is just that ticket.

"Battleship," starring Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna and Liam Neeson, arrives in theaters next summer on May 18, 2012. Let the battle of the ships... begin.

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