Will Ferrell Is Armando Alvarez In New 'Casa De Mi Padre' Poster

His name is Armando Alvarez, and he doesn't speak American. In the brand new poster for Will Ferrell's Spanish-language action comedy, "Casa de mi Padre," we get nothing else but the face of the comedian's fiery and passionate character, Armando.

"Casa de mi Padre" is at its core a spoof of the melodramatic telenovelas popular in Latin America. But this isn't just a simple mockery of the soap operas. Ferrell and his co-stars, including "Y Tu Mama Tambien" stars Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal, go the extra mile: Ferrell's dialogue, as well as the majority of the film's, is in Spanish. (There is some English dialogue, as used by comedian Nick Offerman, whose "Parks & Rec" antihero Ron Swanson was just named our favorite TV character of the year.)

In the film, Armando is a loyal worker on his father's land. When his brother (played by Luna) returns home with new found wealth and a beautiful fiancé, things become complicated. The brother's business ventures may not be as legitimate as they first seemed, and Armando eventually falls for his potential sister-in-law, played by Genesis Rodriguez. Things come to a head when Armando must face off against a Mexican crime lord (García Bernal).

Check out the poster, and Armando Alvarez himself, in all of its glory by clicking below.

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