Best Movie Robot Of 2011: Vote For Your Favorite


With the end of the year rapidly approaching, the MTV Movies team is here to ask the hard questions. Which movie had the best ensemble cast of 2011, for one? How about the greatest sex scene of the year? Or perhaps the most important question of all: who was the best movie robot of 2011?

It's a bizarre question, sure, but a fair one to ask: there were a ton of 'bots at the box office this year, some more menacing than others. From the courageous Optimus Prime to the useless '80s Robot, here are your picks for the year's best cinematic robot. Cast your vote after the jump!

Optimus Prime, "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon"

In "Dark of the Moon," the fearless leader of the Autobots did what fearless leaders of the Autobots do best: kicked extreme amounts of ass, took a whole lot of names, and ripped his arch-enemy's head and spinal cord clean out "Predator" style. Yeah, Prime's kind of a badass.

Wafflebot, "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas"

"I LOVE YOU KUMAR." Never has a robot said such heartwarming words then promptly pissed away all warm and fuzzy feelings with a quick shot of scalding hot maple syrup to the junk. Regardless of the ice on our nads, we love you too, Wafflebot.

Atom, "Real Steel"

Anyone who can outbadass Wolverine is obviously doing something right. Atom of "Real Steel" wins points not just for awesome combat and attitude, but also for relaying the classic underdog story that'll be told time and time again to all generations of aspiring robot boxers to come.

'80s Robot, "The Muppets"

Look, nobody likes '80s Robot, not in today's Apple-heavy digital age. But how can you not love the idea of Kermit traveling around with an absurdly out of date piece of walking machinery? He's 2011's WALL*E as far as we're concerned -- just a whole lot less likeable.

The Automaton, "Hugo"

The beautiful "Hugo" hinges upon the existence of a mysterious automaton that our titular hero is trying to repair and understand. The automaton doesn't get a ton of action, but when it does, it's an absolute wonder to behold.

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