Angelina Jolie To Star In Upcoming Luc Besson Film?

Angelina Jolie

The sky's the limit after you've won an Oscar. You can pair up with your good-looking counterparts for an ostentatious action film. You can lend your voice to a cartoon about kung-fu animals. You can even go for another Oscar, why not?

But the ultimate moment of FTW excess has to be starring in a Luc Besson film. Rejuvenating actors as action stars from Statham to Neeson, Besson's hyperkinetic blow outs have charmed American audiences, killed at the box office, and above all, done one important thing: made their stars look really, really awesome.

It makes sense, then, that Angelina Jolie is the latest actress to get on the Besson bandwagon.

According to Deadline, Jolie is in talks to "star next spring in a dramatic thriller that is rooted in true scientific elements." Yeah, scientific elements like people getting shot a lot! As they write, it'll be probably be closer to earlier Besson films like "The Professional" and "The Fifth Element." That's just fine by us, as those are probably his most satisfying movies.

Otherwise, Jolie's staying busy. Besides her perpetual life in front of paparazzi cameras, her directorial debut, "In The Land of Blood and Honey," is coming out soon. If you didn't see, we talked to her yesterday about the movie's themes and how she thinks it'll resonate with audiences.

"This young audience will be interested because [of] the characters — they'll identify with them," Jolie said. "This is the '90s. They may have been children or not alive during that time, but they're watching people who were 18 years old, 10 years old in a European cosmopolitan society, and it's what would have happened if they went to war."

Angelina Jolie talks "Blood and Honey" reactions!

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