'Star Trek 2' News: Benicio Del Toro Out, Khan In?


Turns out that yesterday's report of Benicio Del Toro starring in "Star Trek 2" as Khan weren't totally accurate — but not necessarily on the Khan front.

New York Magazine's Vulture blog reports that Del Toro will not be appearing in the "Star Trek" sequel after all, indicating that talks with the actor broke down as early as last Wednesday. The timing is an important detail, as it was last Friday — two days after BDT's apparent withdrawal from the film — that J.J. Abrams described a report of Del Toro's casting as Khan as "not true."

It seems that Abrams may have been referring to Del Toro's involvement as untrue, not the inclusion of Khan—because Vulture backs up the original Latino Review report that, yes, Khan is the villain of "Star Trek 2." Developing, as they say.

In other "Star Trek" sequel news, we spoke with Zachary Qunito on the red carpet at the Gotham Awards in New York last week, but the actor couldn't weigh in on the Khan debate himself.

"I don't know who [the bad guy] is. I haven't read the script," he told MTV News. "I can neither confirm nor deny those details, so if J.J. told you something more than I can tell you then you have more word than I do, but I'm really excited to get back to it, and we're all geared up for it."

Zachary Quinto talks "Star Trek" sequel news!

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