Andy Serkis Shows Brilliant 'Apes' Performance In Behind-The-Scenes Blu-Ray Exclusive

Anyone who saw "Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes" this summer knows that one of the best parts of the film was Andy Serkis' incredible performance as sentient and revolutionary chimpanzee, Caesar. There has even been early talk of Serkis deserving Academy recognition for his work. Heck, even the stars of the film said the reason to see the film is Serkis and the rest of the apes.

The DVD and Blu-ray powers that be must have been paying attention to all the Serkis buzz because they've created an all-Serkis featurette for the "Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes" DVD and Blu-ray, out Dec. 13, and we've got your exclusive first look right here. Check out the video below to see "The Genius Of Andy Serkis."

"He really brought a lot of depth to the character," says writer/producer Richard Jaffa, over awesome footage of Serkis' acting in a side-by-side comparison of his raw performance and the finished film. "Once he's in it, he's in it and goes through this incredible transformation."

"Andy is such an incredible actor; he gave really fantastic performances," adds Dan Lemmon, VFX supervisor. "You really feel this character go through a whole series of discoveries and revelations and setbacks and he tells that story in his face and in his body."

"Andy Serkis has created this new type of performance in a way," says Serkis' co-star James Franco. "He fell into it, he was cast as Gollum just for his voice and Peter Jackson realized what a great physical performance he was giving and had to try and capture it in some way. So Andy sort of fell into it and has pioneered it."

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