'Star Wars' Meets Doctor Seuss In Mashup Video

Star Wars

"Star Wars" mashups aren't exactly a rarity, but excellent parodies are a bit harder to come by. Today brings one such more-than-worthy entry, and just in time for the holidays!

The folks at OneMinuteGalactica (via Blastr) discovered a video called "The Sith who Stole Christmas," combining two of pop culture's all-time greatest villains—Darth Vader and The Grinch—into one wonderful mashup.

You can check it out here, and keep reading for our very own "Star Wars" meets Dr. Seuss mashup, courtesy of MTV News' very own Tami Katzoff.

A holiday gift arrived at our door,

A mash-up of things we love and adore.

Seuss, the great doctor and master of rhyme

Meets Star Wars, the most awesome flicks of all time.

Vader, the Sith lord who looks great in black

Indeed is quite Grinchy, a tough nut to crack.

But just like the green guy who grows a big heart,

Luke Skywalker’s dad does get a fresh start

(Right before dying, of course, but let’s keep this a happy story).


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