New 'John Carter' Banners Have 'Star Wars' Vibe

This week has been absolutely brimming with new material from "John Carter," and today's obligatory release has arrived -- and they are both vaguely reminiscent of "Star Wars."

Yesterday, the second trailer premiered, and photos and posters have been sent out at a dizzying pace over the past week. Now, three new banners for the sci-fi epic show off some of the scenes from the just-released trailer.

We see John Carter facing off with not one, but two white apes in the the surprisingly "Attack of the Clones"-esque Colosseum. Taylor Kitsch as the legendary Civil War captain transported to Mars takes out one of the apes during the trailer, but a second ape could be another question.

The two other images focus on Carter and his two main companions during the film, one an alien Thark from Mars and the other, a princess played by Lynn Collins. In the second two images of the three, the companions ride across the desert on creatures that look strikingly like the dewbacks from "A New Hope."

The original Edgar Rice Burroughs novels created so many of the images that sci-fi movies of later generations pulled from, and now the film adaptation seems to borrow from those movies. We've already seen imagery that looks a lot like different scenes from both "Star Wars" trilogies and echoes of post-"Avatar" Hollywood.

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