Daniel Day-Lewis As Abraham Lincoln: First Look


Great Lincoln's beard, we've seen a ghost!

As if the MTV Movies team couldn't be any more excited about Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln," it turns out that we were all so very wrong — and all it took was one perfectly crafted beard to push our enthusiasm over the edge for the Oscar winning director's upcoming biopic.

Spielberg's "Lincoln" is currently shooting in Richmond, Virginia, and already we're seeing our very first look at his take on the legendary 16th President of the United States. Specifically, it's the first shot of the impossibly talented Daniel Day-Lewis doing his best Honest Abe impression that has us so psyched. Check it out in full after the jump!


Photo credit: Splash News Online

Twitter user @UVAMichael snapped this incredible pic of DDL dining at a local Richmond restaurant earlier this week, and even though he's not in character with his suit and top hat in tow, that fantastic beard and hairstyle is all we need to see to pledge allegiance to the Civil War era flick. Day-Lewis is famous for giving himself entirely to his characters, and this movie looks to be no exception: even without being on set, the "There Will Be Blood" Oscar winner's devotion to Lincoln is on clear display.

Thanks to the folks at Slash Film for the heads up.

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