Alice Eve Joins 'Star Trek 2,' Details Emerge On Del Toro Character

A new report from Variety claims that J.J. Abrams has added Alice Eve to the lineup for "Star Trek 2." According to the article, Eve will play a character new to the "Star Trek" cannon, instead one fans are familiar with from either the original series or the films.

Eve reportedly beat out Teresa Palmer and Hayley Atwell to join the sci-fi sequel, which is scheduled to begin shooting early next year.

While Eve's deal has yet to be officially inked, the jury is still out on whether Benicio del Toro will join the cast as the villain. Word came out earlier this month that Abrams wanted del Toro to take on the role, but details on the character have remained entirely mysterious. Now, the Variety report offers the first potential word on the character del Toro could eventually play.

The article cites someone close to production, who claims that the villain would be someone familiar to longtime fans of the series. This only fuels early speculation that the villain would either be Kahn from the original film's sequel or a Klingon.

The other new detail to emerge from Variety was a brief mention of a third character to be cast that an insider describes as "another villain, someone who's older and in more of a supporting character to del Toro."

The details, while scant, open up a world of possible speculation. So much of the Abrams-typical secrecy has surrounded this project from every angle, but with production finally beginning to ramp up, the number of secrets and how fiercely they're protected will inevitably skyrocket.

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