Diablo Cody Says 'Evil Dead' Remake Is 'Grounded In Reality And Timeless'

An "Evil Dead" remake is on the way, and you have screenwriter Diablo Cody to thank -- partially, at least.

MTV News caught up with Cody while she was promoting her new movie "Young Adult" and couldn't resist asking about her revisions on the latest drafts of Fede Alvarez's "Evil Dead" script, and she admitted that she didn't know how many details she could spill about the highly anticipated remake. She was willing to share how she contributed to the project, though.

"It was really important again to the filmmakers that it remain totally grounded in reality and timeless. They weren't trying to make some hip trendy horror movie full of pop culture references. I really hope people don't think that that's what I was hired to do," Cody said. "I came in and worked on characters and relationships, things like that."

That being said, Cody said the film will have plenty of references to the original movie. She kept the 1981 flick in mind when writing her changes to the script, and said it's important to everyone involved to keep the spirit of the first movie alive in this one. The biggest part of that is making sure its creative team are still on board, which they are.

"I will say that Sam Raimi, of course, and Bruce Campbell are both involved as producers and that I wouldn't have worked on it otherwise. Had to have the original geniuses," she said.

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