Daniel Radcliffe Writing A Film 'No One Wants To See'

Never say there's something that Daniel Radcliffe can't do, because he will go on to prove you wrong.

The former "Harry Potter" star has broken out into his adulthood with two very different projects. His horror film, "The Woman in Black," is due out in the US in February, and Radcliffe is currently wrapping up his time on Broadway in the musical "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying." So what's next for the young star? Well, screenwriting, of course.

"I am trying to write a script which is fun and frustrating and terrible at the moment but hopefully will be good at some point," Radcliffe shared with MTV News.

When asked what genre the movie would be in, Radcliffe didn't have much to say. "Arthouse," he said with a laugh. "Beyond that, I don't know. It will be a film that no one wants to see."

This hasn't been Radcliffe's best year for writing, according to the actor, though that's likely because he's been keeping himself busy in so many other outlets. In addition to writing his script, Radcliffe said that he has been working on some poetry, and he's finally beginning to like his output.

"I actually wrote a poem the other day for the first time in about eight months and I went, ah, actually that's half decent. Everything else I've written has been crap, but I wrote something the other day I was actually pleased with," he said.

In addition to his upcoming work, Radcliffe teased the pop culture that he's been going gaga for in recent months. Watch the above video to find out his current favorite -- albeit uniquely named -- band, what novel he is reading, and what American television show he wishes he was watching.

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