'Game Of Thrones' Set Photos Show Dragons, Qarth

For a land plagued by winter, it looks awful warm and sunny in Westeros and across the narrow sea.

Dany's dragons

Entertainment Weekly sent one lucky reporter to visit the "Game of Thrones" set, where the cast and crew are busy filming season two. While the mag only unveiled a tiny teaser of the set visit, they did show off a couple cool new photos from the set that tease the shape of things to come in the upcoming season.

Definitely the best of the three images is the one (above) that shows how Dany is choosing to transport her dragons. I guess they don't breath fire yet, based on the fact they're in wicker baskets and are being carried on a horse.

There's also a new location in Dubrovnik being used for King's Landing scenes. Fort Lovrijenac doesn't look quite as impressive on the outside as the Malta locations used in season one, but I'm sure it looks just as lovely on the inside.

Up last is a shot of a heavily guarded gate with 20 spear-carrying sentries standing outside. In all likelihood, this is the entrance to Qarth, a wealthy trading city that Daenerys visits in season two. If that's the case, then it is the home to many unfortunate incidents that Dany will suffer through in the second season of "Game of Thrones."

These set photos come hot off the tail of a recently-released "Game of Thrones" featurette that also teases season two, albeit with a bit more behind-the-scenes goodies than these EW photos have.

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