New 'John Carter' Images Give Better Look at Mars

It will be interesting to see how Disney proceeds with marketing "John Carter," formerly "of Mars," Andrew Stanton's big-budget adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs fantasy novels. With an untested star, Taylor Kitsch, and a first trailer that left most people lukewarm about the film's prospects, a boost in profile is certainly called for.

Something along those lines began last week when Entertainment Weekly published photos of the six-armed White Ape, a staple in the novels that's getting a more threatening treatment for the film version. Check it out after the break.

Then, director Andrew Stanton, known mostly for his fantastic Pixar work, tweeted that a new trailer will premiere this Wednesday (11/30) on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" with its star and then find its way online the following day.

Now we have a handful of new images courtesy of SFX magazine that give a better look at the world of Mars—excuse me, Barsoom—and the technology we'll see on the planet. There are certainly elements of "Avatar" here, and that's what Disney may be going for.

Also, there's a lot of shirtless Kitsch, if that's your bag.

Importantly for fans of the novels, the photos offer another look at the alien race from the books, the Tharks. They're the thin, four-armed and horned species that popped up briefly in the trailer, and here's another peek.

The pictures point us in the right direction toward a more complete idea of what to expect from "John Carter." Look for the second trailer this week to delve deeper into the conflict at the heart of the story and offer more than the tease from the first trailer.

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