'Muppets' Screenwriter Nick Stoller Weighs In On Oscar Odds

Sure, we're really excited that Billy Crystal is now hosting the Oscars and blah blah blah but, let's face it, how cool would it have been if that "Muppets for Oscars" campaign had actually panned out?

In the few days between when Eddie Murphy exited as host and Crystal took over, there was a brief glimmer of hope that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences would choose to have "The Muppets" host instead. The film is shaping up to be one of the highest-rated movies of the year, and has enough public press that the box office might soon reflect that, so (in our humble opinion) it could have been a perfect match-up. "The Muppets" screenwriter Nick Stoller agreed in a recent interview with MTV News.

"That was a really exciting three days," he said. "It would have been so good!"

To him, there was only one major flaw in the plan: arm strength. Puppeteers like Steve Whitmire, Eric Jacobson and Dave Goelz have handled Kermit, Fozzie and Miss Piggy, and Gonzo respectively for as far back as we can remember, so it's not like there would be a rotating cast of puppeteers working the show. Stoller said he just didn't think they would be able to handle pulling the strings for a three-to-four hour awards ceremony.

"I literally think it comes down to [arm strength]," Stoller said. "To have the arm strength to have those Muppets up for three, four hours, I don't know actually if it's possible unless you're taking some major steroids, which if you've seen some of the puppeteers, they're not."

That being said, Stoller still hopes the Muppets are involved in the ceremony in some way. And, in our opinion, that way could be winning an Oscar themselves. Stoller said he's in "the comedy ghetto" so he hasn't even started thinking about awards season, but if the film were to win one Oscar, he thinks it should be for Bret McKenzie's music.

"Bret McKenzie's should be nominated for 'Man or Muppet.' He should win for 'Man or Muppet.' All the songs are fantastic, but that song in particular is just amazing," Stoller said.

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