'Muppets' Writer Teases Miss Piggy's Canceled Katy Perry Tribute

If you head out to theaters this weekend to see "The Muppets" (and believe me, you should), you'll be treated to a rare opportunity when Jason Segal and his writing partner and director of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," Nicholas Stoller, deliver a big screen "welcome back" for the famous troupe of puppets.

It's no spoiler to say that the Muppets have to throw an old-fashioned, but big screen, edition of "The Muppet Show," something older fans of the franchise are sure to love. But when it came time to write the sketches for the show, the team unfortunately couldn't fit all the ideas they had originally thought up.

"On our lists of stuff, I wanted to do something where Swedish Chef cooked with Rachael Ray. I thought that would just be hilarious," Stoller said. "This can all be done in the future hopefully. Knock on wood. That was something that seemed really funny to us, that they cook together."

One abandoned idea included Miss Piggy riffing on Katy Perry. "At one point we had squirrels singing, 'I Kissed a Squirrel,' or it was Miss Piggy singing 'I Kissed A Squirrel And I Liked It.' More and more squirrels are lining up to kiss her, and she's getting weirded out," Stoller said.

The old episodes of "The Muppet Show" acted as inspiration for what Stoller, Segal and director James Bobin eventually put on screen. "We watched them as we were prepping 'The Muppet Show' stuff, and James and Jason and I sat and watched them, and they're really weird and they're hilarious. But they're weird," Stoller said. "They're out there. It's Monty Python for kids and not, too."

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