'Hugo' Star Asa Butterfield Talks 'Ender's Game'

Some of last week's biggest news came on Friday (Nov 18), when Deadline reported that "Hugo" star Asa Butterfield was offered the lead role in Gavin Hood's "Ender's Game" adaptation.

When MTV News sat down with Butterfield while he was promoting "Hugo," the young actor was tight-lipped on where his status with the project stood, simply stating that he could "possibly" star in the long-anticipated sci-fi film.

Butterfield would admit to reading both the book and the script by Hood and "Star Trek" collaborators Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. "I have read the book. I love the book. It's just a great book. I've read the script as well," Butterfield said.

According to Butterfield, Orson Scott Card's iconic novel about a boy genius cast into a galactic war is right up his alley. "The book's incredible. It [was written in the] late 1900s. It's sci-fi. I love all that retro stuff," he said.

There have been several attempts made by several directors to get the book onto the screen, and the potential casting of Butterfield represents new ground being broken in terms of progress on the film.

And even though the novel's fervid fanbase holds high hopes for an adaptation, if it ever happens, Butterfield said he feels up to the task. "Everything would be cool about playing a role like that," he said. "I reckon I could hack it."

Butterfield remained mostly quiet about the project throughout the interview, but said hypothetically, if he were to star in the film, it would be his next project.

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