Chloe Moretz Says 'Dark Shadows' Gets Back To Vintage Tim Burton

Judging by the early promotions for Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows," it should come as no surprise that the "Edward Scissorhands" director is going back to his gothic roots in this film. The remake of the cult classic TV series stars all his regular actors and, judging by the set photos released, is a return to form for Burton after "Alice in Wonderland" and "Sweeney Todd." That's why it should come as no surprise that leading lady Chloe Moretz is thrilled to be working on the film with him, especially because Burton is her dream director.

"It straddles the typical Burton line: camp and drama," Moretz explained. "This is a really good role for Johnny [Depp] I think because he totally sold it because it's so weird. It's such a weird character and he can do weird. He does so much with his hands."

Moretz described the look of the film as "amazing," and said it blew her mind when Burton offered her the part of Carolyn Stoddard. Burton called her up to say he wanted her for "Dark Shadows," and Moretz recalled that she "immediately hopped on board." Now that filming has wrapped, she said it was an incredible all-around experience.

"It's an amazing movie. Going in and working on this movie with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfieffer and Helena Bonham-Carter, It really does get back to Tim's roots. It gets back to 'Beetlejuice,' 'Edward Scissorhands,' back to true Burton," she said. "So working on this movie was epic for me because he's always been my dream director to work with because, god, he's so iconic."

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