Joshua Jackson Doesn't Have A 'Fringe' Double, And That's Okay


Peter Bishop has it pretty easy. Well, actually, it's Joshua Jackson that has it pretty easy. You see, he's the only guy on "Fringe" who doesn't have to play like a million different versions of his character on the show.

And he's not complaining.

"I mean, I can see the fun that everyone's having with their doppelgangers. But I'm not gonna lie, the extra six weeks off this summer was pretty awesome," he joked in an interview with MTV News. "So, while I was sitting there on vacation, I was not thinking to myself, 'Gosh, I wish I was having a conversation with myself right now as a different version of me.' It seems like it would be fun once and then a bit of a pain in the ass after that, so I'm not terribly jealous."

While he's not playing many versions of Peter, he does have to interact with many different versions of the people he knows and loves, which is sort of fun and sort of not fun. We'll let him explain.

"It's a little bit of both: it's daunting because there's a lot of details now. I guess it's less so for me, but particularly for the guys who are playing two, sometimes three versions of their characters, I think it's daunting because you want to make each one of those characters individuals and you have to keep those individuals in your head," he explained. "That's a lot to do and TV moves really fast, so it's not like you have a lot of time. I think that's daunting, but at the same time it keeps it interesting."

Plus, there's this: "It makes it pretty simple for me. It turns out I'm not that smart so they were worried that I wouldn't be able to pull it off."

Peter, though, is a secret genius. And now that none of his family or friends in the "Fringe"-verse know who he is, we get to see his smarty pants abilities a lot more.

"That becomes a difficult thing not because he's brilliant but because in order for the show to explain itself every week [there has to be a layman]. It's tough because two of the three leads are supposedly geniuses … one of the things that's been nice for me this year is that Peter is getting the chance to display his intelligence and abilities," he explained. "Because in the previous version of 'Fringe,' Peter is always the second smartest man in the room because Walter is always the smartest man in the room and in this version he is his father's son, so he gets to display that. I like that. It’s a nice new wrinkle in the character."

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