'Snow White,' 'Hunger Games' And More: Which Trailer Was Your Favorite?

For the past two weeks, it seemed like every day brought a new, hugely discussed trailer. With first looks at "Snow White and the Huntsman," "Mirror, Mirror," "Brave" and "The Hunger Games" all debuting recently, next year's biggest blockbusters were all vying for your attention.

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"The Hunger Games"

One of next year's most highly anticipated book adaptations debuted its first full-length trailer, and fans were not disappointed. Focusing on the novel's set-up instead of later chapters, the trailer introduced fans and newbies alike to the dystopian world of Panem and the horror of the Hunger Games. Jennifer Lawrence nailed it as Katniss, especially as she volunteered herself to save her sister.

"Snow White and the Huntsman"

One of the two Snow White films premiering next year, "Huntsman" got a boost from debuting the trailer first. The clip focused heavily on Charlize Theron as the Queen and was noticeably light on Kristen Stewart as Snow White. The trailer dazzled with stunning visuals and some epic action sequences.

"Mirror, Mirror"

This one may have taken up the mantle of "The Other Snow White Movie" after the "Huntsman" trailer wowed viewers days earlier. But both trailer couldn't have made it clearer that they are two distinct takes on the classic tale. "Mirror, Mirror" aims for a more family-friendly tone with wise-cracking dwarves and a sassy Julia Roberts.


Pixar debuted a full-length look at their first princess tale, and it was business as usual for the animation studio. Stunning visuals, a crazy cast of characters, and promises of real emotion gave the trailer the same Pixar charm that audiences keep coming back for.