Michael Fassbender's 'Prometheus' Character Inspired By... Greg Louganis?

For all the mystery wrapped around Ridley Scott's probably "Alien"-related next film, we do know a few things about "Prometheus." For one, a plot summary revealed that one of Hollywood's most in-demand actors, Michael Fassbender, will play an android in the upcoming film.

MTV News sat down with Fassbender while he was promoting his new film, "Shame," and he asked the actor what it was like to join the legacy of "Alien" robots.

Fassbender explained that for his character, David, he took his own path when conceiving him. "I kind of went my own way, really. I didn't watch the ['Alien'] films. When I found out I was doing it, I didn't revisit them," he said.

He did, however, check out another famous robot-related movie before starring in "Prometheus."

"I watched 'Blade Runner,' but I didn't watch the 'Alien' films," said Fassbender, who admitted that Ian Holm's and Lance Henriksen's performances are always in the back of his mind. "Of course, they're in there. I can remember them from when I've seen the films before, but I sort of went a different way."

And for inspiration completely out of left field, Fassbender said he looked to Olympic diver, Greg Louganis. "Louganis was my first inspiration. I figured that I'd sort of base my physicality roughly around him, and then it kind of went from there," he said.

Perhaps he'll be doing some deep space diving. Who knows?

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