Does Rachel McAdams 'Sherlock Holmes 2' Poster Mean A Bigger Role?

Rachel McAdams

In the new Sherlock Holmes film, "A Game of Shadows," the world's most famous detective meets up with his arch-nemesis from the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories, Professor Moriarty. But what will become of the only person to have ever out-witted Holmes, the infamous Irene Adler?

Rachel McAdams portrayed the iconic character in the first film, but until recently, a potential appearance in the sequel was still up in the air. Eventually, it was announced that McAdams would reprise her role, but only in a small capacity.

But now a new Korean promotional character poster depicts McAdams by herself as Adler, with no other players to be found. Does this mean we may see a bigger presence from Irene Adler than we had thought?

It's impossible to say until "A Game of Shadows" hits theaters on December 16. All signs thus far have pointed to a small role for Adler and McAdams, so what's most likely the case is that Warner Bros. is simply looking to capitalize off of the actresses profile. Adding McAdams to promotional material, even for a small role, adds to the film's overall star power.

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