'Sherlock Holmes' Set Visit: 'Game Of Shadows' Is 'Bigger And Better'

What can you expect from the upcoming "Sherlock Holmes" sequel, "Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows"? Well, according to director Guy Ritchie, you can expect everything to be "bigger and better."

MTV News was lucky enough to head to the London set of the film back in January to chat with Ritchie and leading men Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law about the latest installment in their steam punk-esque, action-packed franchise. Ritchie said that this time around you can expect everything to be a bit more extreme because now he "knows the identity" of his colorful characters.

"I supposed I stuck my toe in the water creatively on the last one. I'm probably a little bit more confident about who these guys are," Ritchie said.

The first "Sherlock Holmes" was just a tease to set up the upcoming conflict with classic Holmes villain, Professor James Moriarty. Ritchie tapped Jared Harris, best known for his roles in "Mad Men" and "Natural Born Killers," to play the object of Holmes' obsession. And, as is a good sign in any casting process, Ritchie is a pretty big fan of having Harris in the film.

"I'm not saying this because it's what directors are supposed to say, but I do believe Jared is a fantastic Moriarty, and you are dealing with arguably the most infamous villain in the history of literature, so it's no mean feat," Ritchie said.

But at the heart of the film is the great chemistry between leading men Downey Jr. and Law. Apparently the two are some pretty big troublemakers on set, and there's no telling what effect filming a scene will have on them.

"We've done stuff which we're cracking up over and we think is so funny, and we watch it back over and in fact, it's very touching," Law said. "We think, 'Where did that come from?' And vice versa, we'll do stuff we're desperately trying to make this heartfelt moment, and it's nothing short of broad and really funny."

Downey agreed, "It's a discovery process."

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