'Harry Potter' Director Tackling 'Doctor Who' Movie

Doctor Who

The wizarding world of "Harry Potter" and the Whoverse are about to collide. "Deathly Hallows" director David Yates has announced his partnership with BBC to direct a big-screen take on "Doctor Who," the long-running British television series about the sci-fi exploits of the Time Lord. Yates says the movie has no writers as of yet, is two to three years from beginning production, and will have little to nothing to do with the "Who" continuity that's come before. Get all the details here.

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"Dark Knight" Rumors Rise

With production on "The Dark Knight Rises" nearly at an end, it's no wonder that the rumor mill continues heating up. Two new reports have surfaced alleging to know the details about the upcoming "Dark Knight Rises" prologue, as well as Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Matthew Modine's roles in the film. Keep your salt shakers handy for this pair, folks.

"Spider-Man" Swings By SNL

Emma Stone hosted "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend, but she wasn't the only "Spider-Man" star on the set. In addition to Andy Samberg donning the superhero's red-and-blue tights, the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler himself, Andrew Garfield, made a surprise visit as well.

Frank Miller Slams Occupy Wall Street

"300" and "Sin City" creator Frank Miller has unleashed a scathing condemnation of the Occupy movement, referring to protestors as "nothing but a pack of louts, thieves, and rapists" that "can do nothing but harm America."

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