'Immortals' Star Kellan Lutz Becomes Hometown Hero

Kellan Lutz

Moviegoers across the country stormed theaters this past weekend and sent the mythological blockbuster "Immortals" to the top of the box office, but only one lucky group of fans got a chance to see the film with Kellan Lutz, one of the stars of the film.

Fanny Rodriguez got just that when she won MTV's "Immortals" sweepstakes. As the winner of the sweepstakes, Rodriguez got to throw a hometown screening of "Immortals" in her native San Diego with all of her friends and family in the audience.

The crowd was treated to a special appearance by Lutz, who plays Poseidon in the Tarsem Singh-directed epic, and the new Rogue3D glasses that were created by Marchon3D for the film's release. The specs take a more fashion-minded approach to 3D glasses and look no different than a regular pair of Aviators.

Rodriguez says she never expected how much she would really experience with the sweepstakes.

"Never in my life had I met a celebrity with such a great personality, he is such a sweet heart. Words can’t explain how pleased I am with this whole experience," she said. "I just couldn’t drop my big-o smile, from the moment I saw Kellan walking towards me to the very end of the movie."

Lutz had left such an impression on Rodriguez that she even took to Twitter to thank the actor again, to which Lutz replied, "thank you! You guys were great to hang with!"

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