Brad Pitt Wants To Retire: Picking His Last Five Films

Brad Pitt

When news broke that Brad Pitt had told "60 Minutes Australia" he would like to retire in three years, most people justifiably took it as the actor speaking in the hypothetical, with no serious threat of him leaving business behind. Pitt is only the most recent of many actors and directors who have come out to declare their plans for retirement, few of which—if any—have actually followed through.

But let's assume for a second that Pitt is serious, and that in three year's time, he will say goodbye to acting forever. With 26 films listed as "in development" on his IMDb profile, three years doesn't leave time for much. Even though most of those credits are projects he hopes to produce one day with his company Plan B, it would be safe to say that Pitt's final acting credits are listed there and that he won't get to everything.

If Pitt only has roughly five movies left in him, which should he choose? Here are our picks for Brad Pitt's last five films.

"The Night Manager"

With "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" headed for theaters in December and two more adaptations in the pipeline, British spy novelist John le Carré has found himself back in the zeitgeist. Based on his 1993 novel of the same name, the story follows the night manager of a Cairo hotel who is recruited to spy on dangerous arms dealers. Plan B purchased the rights in 2009, and now seems like an opportune time to bring the spy thriller to the big screen.

"Dark Void"

Back in late 2009, Plan B snatched up the rights to Capcom's then-upcoming video game release, "Dark Void," as a possible starring vehicle for Pitt. The game didn't garner great reviews or financial success, but the concept, which follows a WWII-era pilot transported to an alien world and equipped with a jet pack, earned the game's best praise. Even if it was disassociated from the middling game, the premise screams for a big screen adaptation and a star like Pitt.

"The Imperfectionists"

Based on Tom Rachman's novel about the goings-on at an Italian English-language newspaper and the foreign correspondents running the place, "The Imperfectionists" suits Pitt and his globe-hopping ways. The book earned mostly positive reviews among literary circles when it debuted in 2010 and definitely fits within Pitt's wheelhouse of comedy balancing out drama.

"The Mission"

What could be the next film from "The Fighter" director David O. Russell after "The Silver Linings Playbook," "The Mission" chronicles the real-life operation to free three captive Americans in Colombia. Warner Bros., the studio behind the film, supposedly wants Pitt to star. Pitt expressed his urge to take on more serious roles as he gets older, and this would certainly fit the bill.

"The Book of Joe"

If Pitt was looking for a more grown-up comedy to help polish off his career, may we suggest "The Book of Joe," a film based on Jonathan Trooper's book of the same name. "Joe" follows a bestselling author who returns to the hometown he slandered in order to gain his literary fame. The novel's emotional range would allow Pitt to play up his comedy chops while still maintaining a more serious tone.

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