'Immortals' Battles '300,' 'Spider-Man' Turns On The Injuries

"Immortals" arrived in theaters this weekend and stole the box office's thunder, proving that fall season moviegoers were indeed craving some hard R-rated action. Of course, the comparisons to "300" couldn't have hurt Tarsem Singh's latest picture's box office performance. Over on Splash Page, we measured out the similarities and differences between "Immortals" and "300" and decided which one we like better. It was a close call, but there was a winner.

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"Dark Knight Rises" Prologue Wishes

With "The Dark Knight Rises" prologue looking likelier and likelier with each passing day, MTV's Kevin Sullivan sat down and drummed up a list of what he hopes to see in the six-minute theatrical release. Now that the prologue is supposedly sporting a PG-13 rating for "some violence," what would you like to see?

Kirsten Dunst Still Thinks Spider-Man Is "Amazing"

Despite "Amazing Spider-Man" swinging into theaters in a few months to reclaim the web head's big-screen glory, former Mary Jane actress Kirsten Dunst still thinks fans will fondly remember her era of "Spider-Man" movies alongside Tobey Maguire and director Sam Raimi. Do you agree or are you more eager for the Andrew Garfield-Emma Stone era?

Turn On The Injuries

In other, less fortunate "Spider-Man" news, another injury has hit the long troubled "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" set. Just as the musical was seemingly getting itself together with improved reviews and a quieter, less negative media presence, "Turn off the Dark" was hit with a double-whammy last week with Julie Taymor's lawsuit and an injury suffered by Matthew James Thomas, who plays Spidey on Wednesday and Saturday matinees.

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