Joshua Jackson Weighs In On 'Fringe' Love Triangle

As Peter Bishop tries to work back into the fold on "Fringe," he's now struggling to figure out how to act around the people he used to know and love. The two relationships he's having the hardest time with are the ones with his mad scientist dad, Walter, and his detective lady love, Olivia. Joshua Jackson explained to us how he thinks it's all going to shake out on "Fringe."

"I think Peter went on an interesting journey for the first three years," Jackson told MTV News during a phone interview recently. "We meet him, he doesn’t want to be there, he doesn’t like his father, this crazy blond girl keeps on trying to rope him into ridiculous things that he doesn’t want to be a part of and he's basically just begging for an exit strategy. He just wants to get out of there."

But, a lot has changed since those early days working with the Fringe team, uncovering some of the weirdest cases in this dimension, or any other. "Flash forward to three years [and] he's willing to accept his own death, so that he can save the people that he loves because his father now has become a father [and] that crazy blond girl is now the woman that he loves and they're both under threat from his existence. So he says, 'All right, I'm gonna step up, be the man and sacrifice myself,' and now he pops up and the most crucial relationship [with his dad], the father he never had, to see him look at him not just as stranger, but with terror, is really killing Peter."

While he wants to try and save his relationship with Walter, it seems he has a different plan for Olivia, leaving fans to wonder whether there will there be a Peter-Olivia-Lincoln Lee love triangle. "I don’t think it’s a love triangle, honestly, because you're totally right. Not only does she think she wants to have something with Lincoln Lee, there's a dynamic and a chemistry there," he said. "So I think for Peter this Olivia in season 4, that’s not his woman.

"We've already introduced this idea of the doppelgangers, so because Peter already made that horrible mistake with [the other] Olivia [that took] a year to get out of the dog house with Olivia, I have a funny feeling he's not going to make the exact same mistake again," he continued. "I don’t think it’s a love triangle. In fact, I think its sort of the opposite."

OK, Josh, how does that work? "Peter sees how she looks at Lincoln, and Peter knows what that look is because the other version of Olivia used to look at him like that, and I have a funny feeling that Peter's reaction to that won't be jealousy—it'll actually be happiness," he explained. "Lincoln is kind of the perfect guy for Olivia. He's a sweet, decent, kind, nurturing, loving man. So I think Peter would be supportive about that."

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