Rapper Reviews: Immortal Technique Reviews 'Immortals'

Sure, if you want to know if "Immortals" is worth checking out this weekend, you could head over to Rotten Tomatoes, where you'd find, as of Friday afternoon, the 3-D epic with just a 39-percent freshness rating. Or, hey, you could wait for a buddy to fork over his cash and then ask him if you, too, should pony up at the multiplex. Fine solutions, all.

But why do any of these things when you can simply turn to rapper-activist Immortal Technique for the lowdown on "Immortals"? It's all thanks to our friends over at NextMovie, who have previously invited MC Hammer to review "Thor" and "Insane Clown Posse" to judge "Water for Elephants." So hit play on the video below for Immortal Technique's thoughts on why Mickey Rourke is the "illest bad guy" and his lamentation that the film's only sex scene is G rated.

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