Jason Statham Doesn't Play It 'Safe' In New Trailer

In Jason Statham's upcoming film "Safe," he's finally found a girl worth fighting for. Except, in this case, she's only 12 years old.

The "Transporter" star plays a former New York cop who gets caught in a tricky situation when he spots some men attempting to capture a young girl in a subway station. After incapacitating them and rescuing the girl (could this technically be kidnapping? I guess we'll find out in the movie), he discovers that the reason the men are after her is because she has the ability to memorize anything placed in front of her, and this time she memorized something pretty darn important.

The series of numbers she was forced to remember are a code, but a code for what? Apparently it's for something important enough to go to war over.

Statham definitely seems in his element in "Safe," which hits theaters March 2. Kicking butt, taking names and being the all-around perfect action hero is just another day in the life of the British actor, who is currently filming "The Expendables 2." But it's nice that "Safe" will also showcase Statham's sentimental side, as he definitely ends up having a strong emotional connection with the young girl he has taken on as his ward.

Arguably the best moment in the trailer comes at the end, when Statham admits to the gentleman standing next to him that he never knows "what to say in these moments." "What moments?" the man asks. "The ones before I kill someone," Statham replies, and then flies at the camera with guns blazing. He might play pretty much the same character in every action movie he stars in, but Statham is certainly an actor we love to watch on the big screen.

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