Robert Pattinson, Ryan Gosling And More Get The 'Jack And Jill' Treatment

We don't know whether to thank or send hate mail to Adam Sandler and the rest of the crew of "Jack and Jill" for now making us wonder what our favorite actors would look like, to put it bluntly, as ladies. With "Jack and Jill" making its theatrical debut today, MTV's brilliant in-house Photoshop expert Sohyung Kang put the heads of four of our favorite actors on the bodies of some sexy women just to see what the result would be. And, to be honest, we're a bit turned on and put off by how pretty Robert Pattinson ended up being.

It's okay to dislike some of their make-up decisions -- that lipstick is not your shade, Alice Pacino -- but we definitely think this opens up some creative options for Pattinson, Pacino, Ryan Gosling and Daniel Radcliffe in the future. If Glenn Close can so convincingly switch genders in "Albert Nobbs" and Sandler can not-quite-as-convincingly switch them in "Jack and Jill," we think these guys could have something going for them as well.